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About Us - For our consumers:

W.C.A. - is happy to unite customers with their local cable / telecom providers. Looking for cable / telecom service? WCA can help. If you're looking to sign up for new cable / telecom service, or want to upgrade your current service to digital TV, digital phone and/or high-speed Internet access, or have to transfer your service to a new home, WCA makes the process quick and easy to find your local cable / telecom provider. Simply enter your postal/zip code at the top of this webpage and press submit to instantly find your local cable / telecom operator.

WCA also provides some valuable insight and articles about the benefits of cable / telecom services, with information about how they work and some of the newest features that digital TV has to offer. Take a browse through these articles and learn about the great advantages and many services that cable TV providers / telecom providers has to offer. You will realize that this is truly the most reliable choice, with the most superior technology and services out there today.

We would also like to convey to the public the many contributions the cable TV industry has made to society. The cable industry has been committed to assisting educators take advantage of the powerful mixture of excellent content and high technology that cable provides. Local cable providers around the country donate their cable service where schools can access at no cost, high-speed internet, on-air cable, and in some schools digital telephone service. With these free services schools can provide on-air and online educational materials. Cable in the Classroom or {CIC} is the U.S. cable industry's education foundation. This is just one of many fine ways Cable gives back to your community.

We all know about the wide range of great educational channels available on cable TV, but since were on the subject of community lets talk about PEG and local programming channels. Public, Educational, and Governmental (PEG) channels are public access channels that provide information and educational content relevant to your community. When you're following coverage of your city council or school board, or when you watch your local high school football game or parade, you're likely watching a PEG channel. PEG channels also allow your local government to communicate directly with the public to benefit public safety in the case of an emergency. And also through PEG, cable providers offer TV equipment and training for students and local officials.

In addition, cable companies provide PEG channels that offer your local news and other programs specific to your community, which are only available on cable. These channels help keep residents informed about what's happening in their communities, from school cancellations, weather advisories, to local sports.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at:

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