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Digital Television Transition Coming February 17, 2009

Analog to Digital
Are You Ready?

With the DTV {Digital Television} Transition looming in the not too distant future, you may want to look to your local Cable TV provider to come to your rescue. If you already have Cable TV, you shouldn't have anything to worry about when the federally mandated change from analog to digital occurs February 17, 2009. Your Cable provider already has the technology to handle the digital television transition.

Besides digital cable television, many cable TV providers have bundled services that include HDTV {high-definition TV}, cable high-speed internet, cable telephone service, VOD {video on demand} and has the reliability far beyond that of satellite TV! With the DTV transition coming soon, cable TV is a great option all consumers should seriously consider before the DTV transition.

With the upcoming digital TV transition, comes many unanswered questions. Only full power broadcasters are required to make the change from analog to digital broadcast, however there are still hundreds of TV stations in the U.S. that are authorized to broadcast at lower power, {LPTV stations} because of the cost, these LPTV stations were exempt from the digital transition by Congress.

LPTV stations are very important for all of our local community news. PEG channels or "public, educational and government" PEG channels provide our local information on school closings, local government, weather emergencies, community events, etc. Your local PEG channels and the digital transition should not be a problem with cable TV, whether PEG channels are in digital or analog? Cable TV has you covered.

For more information about the DTV Transition / Digital Television Transition Or to learn more about the $40 TV Converter Box Coupon Program Go to these fine websites:

the digital tv transition tv converter box program

Answers to the questions below can be found at the webpages above:

  • What is the DTV transition / Digital Television transition?
  • Why are we changing to Digital/DTV?
  • How to be ready for the end of analog television broadcasting?
  • Can I watch digital TV now or wait until February 17, 2009 to watch DTV?
  • Is my older analog television ok, will it be junk after February 17, 2009?
  • Is February 17, 2009 really the end of full power analog TV?
  • If I buy a new TV, will I have to get a (HDTV) to watch digital television after the transition?
  • How do I know if I'm buying a digital television (DTV)?
  • Is there a way to find out if I already own a (DTV) digital TV?
  • Is there a difference between DTV or HDTV?
  • Will my DVD player, and VCR still work with a (DTV) digital television set?
  • How can I get digital television (DTV) or high-definition HDTV programming?
  • Do I need a special antenna to receive FTA digital TV?
  • Will the old analog TVs be recycled?
  • Will the DTV digital television transition work ok with my cable TV?
  • Will the FCC make cable providers change to all digital cable service?
  • Will our cable provider have the cable channels we receive today without a box?
  • How can I find out if I already have digital TV with my cable service?
  • Is a digital cable package the same as HDTV?
  • Will cable TV networks, like ESPN, Fox News, History, etc., have to switch to digital?
  • Can a cable operator change my programming to a all digital tier?
  • How does the Converter Box Coupon Program work?
  • Which digital converter boxes are eligible for the coupon program?
  • How many TVs can I connect to a digital-to-analog converter box?
  • Can I still receive closed captioning with a digital-to-analog converter box?
  • My old antenna has two wires connected to my TV, can a converter box still be used?
  • Can I still use my analog battery powered TV after the digital transition?
  • Will the DTV transition affect our community TV, PEG channels?
  • Will the V-chip or parental controls still work after the digital transition?

Benefits of Cable: Summary: Cable - The Obvious Choice!

tv digital television transition
Digital Television Transition
Coming February 17, 2009
Are You Ready?

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