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Interesting note: I'm sure you all remember Dish Networks Cable Sucks promotion. Showcased at WCA has purchased that domain! Dish Network can never use that website again for negative promotions against Cable TV.

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Why WCA is Unique:
Cable Ready! 24/7 One Marketing campaign for all Cable Operators!

What makes WCA different is our unique marketing techniques. Beat the competition directly at the search engines! Wouldn't it be great for the consumer to go to Google, MSN, or Yahoo and use a search term such as: "Directv cloud fade" and have that already irritated Directv customer learn that Cable TV is immune to the weather problems that plague Directv, Dish Network, and all other DBS satellite providers. Turn that upset Directv customer into a happy Cable TV subscriber right at the search engines! When or any of our 40+ websites pop up on the first page of the search engine results!

These websites would lead to the WCA sales and video pitch and then direct them to your services through our portal. Take those sales directly at the search engines! WCA has a huge library of relevant websites. If you don't see on the first page of the search engine results, you're likely to see one of our other websites which will lead to the same directory. (Example of a few on the left side bar) We put these websites together for all International, Canadian, and U.S. Cable operators interested in taking back former subscribers, Retaining subscribers, and acquiring new subscribers!

Your #1 Question! We already have a website, how can we benefit? You may have an excellent website, but what matters most are results! If a consumer goes to a search engine and types up DirectTV, Dish Network, Sky, Telesat, Vonage, even the largest cable companies will not come up in those search engine results. WCA has the expertise, knowledge, and determination, to rank up there with all competition on the search engines. Anywhere a sale can be made for our Cable providers that's where we are going to be working on the search engines.

Take that potential DBS customer directly at the search engine! If they click any one of our domains, they can watch 24/7 humorous YankMyDish commercials, look at Dishgusting satellite installations, turn them off to DBS and turn them onto Cable. You should be able to take thousands of {Would Be} satellite customers and convert them into new subscribers! As you already know the internet is the most cost effective way of running any kind of advertising campaign. It's non-stop commercials for free 24/7 A never ending campaign that will run on autopilot for years. Be a part of something big, YankDish!!

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Digital Television Transition
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