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Paid WCA Partner Membership:

The World Cable Association invites all Cable operators / Telecoms, independents as well as MSO's to become involved with the WCA partner membership. Since the start of 2006 the WCA has been actively promoting the advantages of Cable / Telecom in all its aspects on the internet/World Wide Web. While at the same time informing the consumer that DBS such as Dish Network and Directv have many negative issues the consumer may not be aware of. Rain, clouds, snow, ice, and even wind fades, DBS slow and very expensive internet, multiple dish's, damaged roofs, and the list goes on!

We use the Truth to bring our Partner Members Sales

The World Cable Association provides the public with the information needed to make an educated decision on what service truly is the best, with the truth in hand it should be a very obvious choice. Cable or Telecom of course! Besides marketing, the WCA's expertise is also in SEO, Search engine optimization; the WCA knows how to capture the attention of those potential subscribers directly at the search engines, bring them to our websites, where we inform them of the many benefits and reliability of Cable TV / Telecom.

We use the truth about Dish Network, Directv, or any DBS provider, and how they can never effectively compete with Cable TV / Telecom, or provide all the services or reliability that Cable TV / Telecom has to offer. We then direct those new potential subscribers to our Partner WCA Members services their local Cable TV / Telecom provider. The World Cable Association is dedicated to promoting the Cable TV / Telecom industry, along with bundled services {Triple Play}, High-speed internet, telephone services, and of course cable / Telecom television. While at the same time converting those disgruntled DBS owners over to Cable / Telecom services.

Cable / Telecom Operators WCA Partner Benefits:
  • The World Cable Association sends new subscribers exclusively to our Partner WCA Members only! All the work we do on the internet/search engines, is done to promote, retain, convert, and acquire new subscribers for our Partner WCA Members!
  • Unlimited web space is available to our partner members! Promote all the services to the public in each territory. Build a sister site if you'd like, double your exposure on the internet. Partner members have unlimited web space to work with, so add pictures, special promotions, events, it's up to you!
  • Partner WCA Members are included in the consumer's local Cable / Telecom provider's finder directory. WCA will need zip codes, addresses, and phone numbers of our Partner members territories/DMA's. The directory tool will show the consumer the phone number of a partner member to call for their new service, and also provide a detailed map of the nearest members office or payment center. The easier we make it for the consumer, the more customers our members acquire!
  • The World Cable Association's main website is located at Over the next couple years WCA will be developing 40+ websites promoting the Cable / Telecom industry. Potential new subscribers will have access to our Partner Members on all 40+ WCA websites.
  • Do you want a subject or issue brought to the publics attention, but don't feel comfortable putting it on your company's website? Send the articles to WCA we'll optimize it and put it on our websites. {It must be original content, truthful, no slander}. Or just tell us what you'd like, and WCA will take care of our Partners!
  • Partner Member Price Guarantee, sign-up now and lock in a lifetime price that will never go up! As long as there is no interruption with membership.

WCA is making this easily affordable for every cable operator / telecom provider! Instead of using the per subscriber based formula, were making it a very simple and low cost rate of $1.00 per zip code per month. Let WCA bring the subscribers to you! If you have 300 or more zip codes please call for volume rate.

How to become a Partner WCA Member and join, WCA Cable Please marketing campaign.

First, simply fill out the form below or send your customized information or zip code list by email to: After the company information has been submitted, then proceed and complete the payment at the payment page or at the bottom of this page. We will then send you an email letting you know that your information and zip codes have been added to the database and your membership will start then, this may take up to 10 days.

Are there any current promotions you would like shown on your listing? If there are any future changes in Zip codes, promotions, etc. Please contact us.

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Partner Member.



Ask your Webmaster:

Although it's not required, WCA would appreciate any link from our Partner Members website leading back to or

A link can be as simple as images and text

Payments can be made by company check, electronic check or credit card.
Please call for volume rate!

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No. of Zip Codes: zip codes: $1.00/mo per zip code


No. of Zip Codes: zip codes: $1.00/mo per zip code

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us at:

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