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Cable and Home Entertainment Advertising Zone

(Currently, all 5 ad spaces are open for new advertising.)

World Cable Association would like to invite any Cable TV operator or Home Theatre related advertisements to The Cable TV Ad Zone. There will be a total of no more than 5 ads included on the revolving flash box on all consumer pages.

Each advertiser will have exclusivity to the product or service they are advertising on The Neutral Ad Zone. Example: If a HDTV manufacturer takes out an ad, we will feature exclusively only that one HDTV manufacturer. The Neutral Ad Zone is in the upper right corner on every consumer page.

Advertising on The Neutral Ad Zone would benefit any Home Theatre related business since the majority of visitors are already targeted, and thinking about upgrading their video services for a better Home Theatre experience.

Although the majority of television viewers receive their video services from cable TV, WCA created The Neutral Cable TV Ad Zone for advertisers to remain neutral in which choice of video service/format providers the consumer may select.

World Cable Association also has 40+ other websites that will be developed in the next two years; your ads would also be added to those sites at no additional cost. Included with your ad would be a web page or pages with links back to your website of choice. WCA could also host commercials provided by your business and also be included in some of our articles mentioning your excellent service or product.

Types of advertisers welcome are: HDTV manufacturers, surround sound speakers, receivers, home electronics stores, cable providers, even pizza, popcorn or chips, as long as it's related to the consumers Home Theatre experience.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us at:

Attention Cable Providers:

Cable providers who would like to be included in our zip code search can read more about our program at the paid membership page.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us at:

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Digital Television Transition
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