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Your local weather forecast from The Weather Channel

Only on cable

Its part of our daily lives, I wake up grab a soothing cup of coffee and sit back to watch The Weather Channel, with local on the 8s which gives me my local weather forecast to prepare myself for the day. Thanks to Cable TV!

Did you know that The Weather Channel's local weather report is only available on cable? The Weather Channel uses unique equipment that inserts local weather forecasts and warning information if it is viewed on a cable TV system.

Sure you can receive The Weather Channel on satellite but what you get with DirectTv, Dish Network, Sky Satellite, Telesat Canada and other DBS systems is International and national weather forecasts. Satellite viewers see forecasts for major cities across the U.S. but where's the local forecast?

With my cable TV, I get everything: world, national, and locals. Local on the 8s airs around every 10 minutes. During this time, weather information for your local area is given to cable users. Because of the non-locality of satellite television, those viewers are instead shown local weather for various major cities. The reason it's called Local on the 8s is that it airs at times that end in "8" an example 7:48 or 7:58.

My conclusion: Give me Cable Please!!

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel {TWC} was founded by one of Chicago's favorite meteorologist John Coleman. He was always my favorite weatherman when I was growing up in Chicagoland, and also the most accurate forecaster. Thanks to John Coleman we have The Weather Channel which runs 24 hours a day. And on Cable TV locals on the 8s, where we never have to wait longer than 10 minutes for our up to date local forecasts.

The Weather Channel {TWC} provides some excellent weather related news and coverage at their website and also provides forecasts for a number of newspapers and radio stations, including Sirius and XM satellite radio services. Both satellite radio services have a line of local weather and traffic stations for the major cities across the U.S.

TWC provides a very important service especially when it comes to our local weather forecast. At the time of this writing I'm up in the northern part of Wisconsin with temperatures of - 40F. with the wind chill factor, very dangerous! These are the times I'm thankful I have Cable TV to provide The Weather Channel local forecasts for my area. It may look nice and sunny outside, but the local weather report warns us of dangerous wind chills and to cover any exposed skin to prevent frostbite. On the other hand if we had DBS satellite such as Dish Network or DirecTV, we could get The Weather Channel but more of a national report. So I may see Milwaukee's forecast but that's 41/2 hours south of us, this is just one more reason I'll always stick with Cable TV.

The Weather Channel's headquarters is located in Cumberland, a stones throw from Atlanta, Georgia. Again thanks to John Coleman's vision, TWC went on the air May 2, 1982. And has been providing a very important service ever since. The Weather Channel is a wholly owned subsidiary of Landmark Communications. The current President is Debora J. Wilson. And don't forget The Weather Channel slogan "Bringing Weather to Life"

Jerome K. Jerome: "I like work: it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours."

Benefits of Cable: Summary: Cable - The Obvious Choice!

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