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Benefits of Cable TV

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Digital cable TV provides free local channels

Every household is entitled to have free to air local television channels, The keyword here is: FREE!

With your local cable operator, that is exactly what you get: free locals without an ugly antenna or multiple satellite dishes. With Dish Network or Direct TV, you're required to pay up to $5.99 a month extra for locals channels.

We received exactly two e-mails on this subject, and both stated they could not receive free local channels from their cable provider for {local channels only;} however their cable providers would give them {local channels only} for a small monthly fee. Now this only makes sense! If you're not a basic cable subscriber, how can a cable company afford to send out back-hoes, trenchers, and technicians only to provide local channels? Every cable provider would be happy to provide free local channels if the customer becomes a basic cable subscriber.

I would guess 99.9% of households want more viewing choices or alternatives in addition to their local broadcast channels, which likely accounts for only two e-mails on the free local channel subject. Most everyone would subscribe to at least a basic cable package for more viewing options, which would include your local channels for free. All those great channels can be viewed in a crystal clear picture from digital cable TV, making it a pleasurable viewing experience.

"If the shoe fits, get another one just like it."

Direct TV and DishNetwork, on the flip side.

With Dish Network or DirectTV you are required to pay up to $5.99 a month extra for local channels, and that's if they even have them available in your local market! Unlike Cable TV, even if you subscribe to a basic package DishNetwork or DirectTV will still charge an additional fee for your local broadcast channels.

It's very rare that anyone wants {local channels only} most consumers would like to add a little variety, whether its from Digital cable TV service or even from DBS satellite. Which brings me back to those two people who wrote e-mails about wanting {local channels only}? In the case of DirectTV and DishNetwork, you would be required to purchase all the equipment and pay for installation at a premium price. There are no promotional deals for {local channels only} that's why the higher than normal equipment and installation prices are factored in. And that's if you can find a retailer willing to sell a satellite system, since they only make money if they activate a system with at least a basic programming package. On top of all that, there's still the monthly locals fee.

In some cases DishNetwork and DirectTv customers may have to use multiple satellite dishes to receive local channels or HD, other dish options are (BUD) Big Ugly Dish, the name is usually reserved for the big old C-band satellite. But the DBS dishes are also getting big and ugly; all these dish options just so they can try to provide the same services as one small cable!! Give me Cable Please!

"Everyone has a photographic memory. Some don't have film."

The antenna option for local channels

As far as receiving local channels, there's always the old standby antenna system. Anyone owning a Dish Network or DirectTV may want to think twice before tearing down their old antenna system. With rain fade, cloud fade, snow and ice fade at least a DBS satellite owner can still watch local TV from their old antenna system when they loose their satellite signal.

Now Cable TV is a different story, the very week cable TV became available at my home; I was able to take down my big old ugly antenna system with no worries of ever losing my digital cable TV picture. Cable TV is virtually immune to all the signal fade problems that plagues the {dish} or DBS satellite. I also took down those pain in the neck satellite dishes with a great feeling of relief!

JUST THINK ABOUT THIS!! One tiny cable replaced all that junk on the roof. That one tiny cable not only provides my crystal clear picture on television, but also my high-speed internet, and cable telephone service. Many cable operators refer to these three services grouped together as The Triple Play. There's a big savings subscribing to Triple Play! Oh yes, I also receive my Free Local Channels crystal clear.

"Why is it that when you buy a TV set, you only get one?"

Local Channels, they provide a public service

Besides your local networks such as ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC providing some of your favorite primetime shows, reality, sit-coms, mystery, drama etc. Let's not forget our very local PEG channels which also provide your own local news, sports, and weather. In times of emergency or disaster, your PEG channels become invaluable and work as a public service. Public, Educational, and Governmental {PEG} channels are public access channels that provide information and educational content relevant to your community.

Depending on where you live, local television will always be there to give warnings and instructions during emergency situations. On the west coast they may redirect traffic because of out of control wild fires or mud slides. On the east coast or the Gulf, they'll provide hurricane or heavy storm warnings with constant updates. And the Mid-west with tornado warnings to seek shelter, and also winter storm warnings, stay off the roads. As you can see your PEG local broadcast channels are not only for entertainment, but they also warn their local public of any possible dangers and broadcasts information that can save lives.

Cable TV to the rescue

As stated earlier Cable TV is virtually immune to all the signal fade problems that plague Direct TV and Dish Network. Just think during an emergency situation such as a hurricane, tornado, or heavy storm how many people lose their satellite signal long before they ever receive a warning or important instructions and live updates. Cable TV is so reliable that those issues don't even come up. I feel safe and comfortable knowing we'll receive any warnings and updates if the time comes, as our Cable TV has never failed us in any storm!

"What did the arts graduate say to the engineering graduate? - Would you like fries with your order, sir?"

Benefits of Cable: Summary: Cable - The Obvious Choice!

OK: now that you're done with your research I'm sure your choice for all these services should be very obvious. One cable brings you all these services perfectly! One Cable - One Bill!

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