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Benefits of Cable TV

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Multiple Satellite Dishes and Antennas

Ditch Dish! One Cable - One Bill

You have to ask yourself why would I want multiple satellite dishes and antenna systems. Many times your DBS satellite provider can't offer all of your programming needs on one satellite dish because they have so many different satellite locations, so you may have to have seperate dishes looking at each one separately. As far as free to air locals, It could get pretty nasty if you have to use an over the dish / on the dish Terk antenna and go through the hassle of putting that on a dish only to realize Terk or other antennas may not pick up all of your local channels.

Not only will you need multiple satellite dishes, but you may need an outdoor antenna tower or rabbit ear antennas to get your locals. Unfortunately, you will have to pay $5.99 extra with DBS satellite from dish network or directv each month just for locals, while you could get those for free on antennas or even better, cable TV. The problem with having a TV antenna system is many times you don't always get as good of quality of picture and there is only a certain chance that you'll receive the channels at all!

Free to Air (FTA) TV Antennas

Some people can have a really hard time trying to get free to air television. First your rabbit ear antenna doesn't do the job, you may have to climb up on the roof and put up a UHF/VHF antenna. Depending on where your local TV stations are located, you may have to point the antenna towards the city and install a few of these antennas for high band and low band. The quality is usually horrid as free to air television is basically the equivalent of shortwave radio.

A worst case scenario would be having to put up a large antenna tower in the tallest location possible for free to air (FTA) locals. How would you like fixing these things after they blow down after a storm or gust of wind. That's not to mention how ugly those large lines of coiled metal look scattered all over the roof of your home. These antennas may be called free to air programming but you still have to pay sometimes hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you need a tower and multiple antenna and that certainly isn't free.

Multiple Satellite Dishes for HD programming and Internet

If you own a dish network system or some other DBS satellite like directv, you may also get stuck having to buy multiple dishes for your high definition HD programming and high speed broadband internet. Let's say you have dish network. You have one dish already for your regular programming package, but you want to upgrade to dish network HD programming. Dish network will require you to buy an HDTV receiver, extra monthly fees and a second satellite dish.

Now let's say you want dish network high speed internet. That is a third large dish and it is also a dedicated dish network as well and that is just for internet access! The fees go way up and so does the number of dishes and you'll have to subscribe to dish network WildBlue or directv WildBlue for satellite internet services. If you want locals channels, you may need to install a larger dish that has a dual or even a triple LNB to look at three satellites at one time. Direct tv has basically the same type of system as dish network.

Now think about this for a moment. You have to buy all those extra dishes and pay the extra fees that are included in this. Not only are the equipment costs steep, you have to call out satellite dish installers and pay labor fees as well and buy the extra receivers from dish network and directv. Finally, for all those dishes, you have all those programming packages you now have to pay for. The costs can easily climb into the thousands of dollars!

The best option is Digital Cable

Forget about the multiple satellite dishes and ditch dish. Don't go through the hassle and costs of self-installing a satellite tower or using rabbit ear antennas to get a half decent picture. Both those options have the potential to have costs soar into the thousands of dollars. Remember, it all adds up quick. That's why it's best to call up your local cable dealer and have him run just one single tiny wire into the house and you got it ALL. Digital cable is really the right way to do it anyways. You get your regular cable programming package, HD programming and high speed internet. Who needs to buy a dedicated dish and all that extra special equipment? It's pointless.

Digital cable offers not only cable high speed internet and cable HD programming, you can also get cable phone service as well and even free local channels! All from one small cable You get all the extra services you need without all the extra equipment on the roof. That brings up an important topic right there, read my article about hidden roof damage that can occur from installing any satellite or antennas on your roof. Best of all, you are subscribing to just one source, so that means just one bill. Forget about keeping track of your phone service and internet services and unreliable satellite service from different companies, let digital cable tv take care of it all!

Benefits of Cable: Summary: Cable - The Obvious Choice!

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