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Verimatrix, Inc.

Contact: Bo Ferm, Director of Product Management
Phone: 1-858-677-7800
Fax: 1-858-677-7804

6825 Flanders Drive
San Diego, CA 92121

Company Introduction:
Verimatrix sets the standard for software-based content security and revenue enhancement technologies in pay-TV networks with a global customer base of telecommunications providers. Verimatrix offers a suite of next-generation technologies that protect content and enhance revenue streams, while combating digital piracy wherever it occurs within the distribution chain. The company's content security experts maintain close relationships with major Hollywood studios to help address the challenges facing the pay-TV networks of today, and those of tomorrow. Verimatrix customers benefit with most favorable access to premium content, enabling the richest, most versatile viewing experience for their digital video subscribers.

Verimatrix's award-winning content security solutions have been acknowledged as the first choice of pay-TV network operators around the world and client devices protected by Verimatrix are now commercially deployed in millions of homes.

VCAS for Cable IPTV
The Verimatrix VCAS for Cable IPTV offers cable operators a secure, cost-effective solution to deliver next generation IPTV services over cable plant - now. Integrating the GigaQAM® CMTS1 bypass solution with VCAS robust software-based content security, the solution converts an existing cable system to an asymmetric IP network perfectly suited for IPTV. Multicast and unicast streams are delivered to off-the-shelf IP-STBs and PCs via low-cost cable modems.

VCAS for Cable IPTV offers cable operators a rapid response to accelerating demands for HD and on-demand services, while dramatically reducing the cost of advanced set-top box deployment. IP technologies are recognized as the key solution for reclaiming bandwidth and broadening service offerings on limited capacity cable plant. VCAS for Cable IPTV provides a secure, cost-effective solution to deliver these next generation video services - and provides it now.

The key features and benefits of this approach include:
* Enables secure IPTV services on existing two-way cable plant.
* Reclaims and creates bandwidth for new services.
* Fulfills the FCC mandate of separable security.
* Works with both analog and digital cable systems.
* Offer quick introduction of IP-based premium services.
* Complies both with the U.S. DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS standards.

Cable operators benefit from the development boom in IPTV technologies and gain access to the vast ecosystem of Verimatrix, including a wide variety of pre-integrated IP-STBs, MPEG-4 encoders and interactive middleware.

Approved by Major Studios and Broadcasters
VCAS security has been approved by all major studios for protection of premium content as well as by all the major broadcasters. The VCAS security architecture has received very favorable results in independent audits and is the approved security choice in pay-TV operator deployments on a worldwide basis.


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Digital Television Transition
Coming February 17, 2009
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