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DishNetwork? Why choose DishNetwork?

DishNetwork is the second largest DBS provider in the U.S., with approximately 12.8 million DishNetwork subscribers at this time. Echostar DishNetwork has been trying to compete with the Cable industry since 1996. From 1996 to 2006 the U.S. Cable industry has spent $100 billion dollars rebuilding its infrastructure with new fiber optic technology.

This new technology provides many more services than DishNetwork or DirecTV, and all Cable services are provided with one small cable! It provides your Digital Cable TV, Cable internet {High-Speed internet}, and your Cable Telephone service. If you bundle those services together its called "Triple Play" which can save you a bundle, instead of buying the services separately.

At this time it's almost impossible for DishNetwork, DirecTV, or any other DBS service providers to compete. DishNetwork would have too many obstacles to overcome. First being, its at the mercy of weather related problems such as Rain fade, Cloud fade, Snow fade, Ice fade, Tree fade, these are problems DishNetwork has with the weather that Cable TV is immune to, Cable is reliable in all types of weather.

Leslie Nielsen: "Doing nothing is very hard to never know when you're finished."

DishNetwork would also have to provide a viable and also affordable High-speed internet or Broadband internet service, in order to compete effectively with the Cable industry. Many of you may remember Dish Network's past failed attempt at High-speed internet with Starband. The general consensus was the equipment and the monthly fees were too expensive, software problems, and again reliability problems.

It seems DishNetwork has a new strategy, which is to partner up with Telephone companies that offer DSL. So DishNetwork can at least say they have semi-high-speed internet service. As of this writing DishNetwork has partnered up with WildBlue, which provides High-speed internet via satellite. You should do a little research on WildBlue, and check out the forums and search engines. Dish Network / WildBlue has a long term commitment with an 18 month contract term. And if you disconnect in that time period, they have a whopping $450 prorated cancellation fee.

DishNetwork also charges $199 for equipment lease fee, you don't own it. And after that the monthly internet package fee. The starting package is the Silver pack $49.95 a month with speeds of 512 kbps download 128 kbps upload. Gold pack $69.95 a month with speeds of 1.0 Mbps download 200 kbps upload. Top Platinum pack $79.95 a month with speeds of 1.5 Mbps download 256kbps upload. DishNetwork / WildBlue are using a dedicated dish for this service, which means is you already have DishNetwork as your TV provider, you'll still have to put yet another dish on your roof for internet service???

Cable - Its Still the One!!

Cable Internet has no long term contracts; it can be cancelled or moved anytime with no cancellation fee. High-speed Cable internet has blazing speeds. The basic speed is 3.0 Mbps upload & download. This is twice as fast as DishNetwork / WildBlue Platinum pack which is $79.95 a month. I'm only paying $19.33 a month for the 3.0 Mbps in a bundled service called "Triple Play" I get my Digital Cable TV, High-speed Cable internet, and Cable telephone. They all come in on one tiny cable. And all very reliable! By the time DishNetwork, DirectTV, and the other DBS providers, catch up with Cables 2007 technology; the Cable industry will have Interactive houses, Interactive Highways, and maybe colonies on the moon Cabled up! CABLE ME !!

Yogi Berra: "The future ain't what it used to be."


Benefits of Cable: Summary: Cable - The Obvious Choice!

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Digital Television Transition
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