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Lost Picture on DBS Satellite Again!

Solution, Yank My Dish! Cable Please!

Many DBS {Direct Broadcast Satellite} owners may not be aware of certain facts about DBS Satellite, such as DirecTv and Dish Network. They are prone to signal fade issues or picture loss problems. To start with you must have a clear line of site, which means no obstructions from your dish {satellite antenna} to a geostationary satellite approximately 22,300 miles up in space just over the equator.

During installation the most common obstructions are trees, and what complicates that clear line of site issue is multiple satellites. Dish Network and DirecTv both use multiple satellites depending on your programming and location, for local channels, internet, etc. Depending on your situation, you may also have to put up multiple dish's to receive your desired services. How many holes do you really want in your roof?

How many trees are you willing to chop down to avoid tree fade? Tree fade is when the trees block your line of site and your TV picture starts to pixelate {turn into checkered squares} and eventually you lose your TV picture and satellite signal. A big problem is what if it's your neighbor's trees that are causing the tree fade problem, are they going to be kind enough to chop their trees down so you can have Dish Network or DirecTv?

Tree Problems? Solution, Switch To Cable TV

Tree fade or TV picture loss may also happen during windy days, which can also be called wind fade. It's really not the wind that causes the satellite signal to be lost, but the wind blowing the tree tops into the line of site. This can be easily diagnosed by going to the signal strength screen on the satellite receiver and watch the signal to see if the signal increases and decreases as the winds blow. This can become very annoying when you're trying to watch a race or game and the picture keeps going out!

The last tree fade problems are growing trees, leafs or leaves. If a satellite system is installed in the fall and the installer isn't careful {remember there's no leaves} by the spring you may slowly notice momentary losses of your satellite signal, and with the tree progressively becoming in full leaf, that satellite signal could be lost completely! A few of the other issues the public may not be aware of is, DBS, DirecTv and Dish Network suffer from rain fade, snow fade, cloud fade, ice fade, etc. A DBS satellite owner should have a DVD player on hand, so at least they have something to watch when their satellite goes out.

One great thing the public should be aware of, Cable TV is immune to all those fade problems! It's a worry-free service, no need to chop your trees down, it doesn't need line of site. There's no ugly multiple dish's to damage your roof. Everything comes in on one small cable. That one small cable can provide your Cable television, Cable telephone service, and of course Cable high-speed broadband internet. Those bundled services together can save the consumer big bucks! Many people refer to that as the {Triple Play} One Wire - One Bill Cable TV The Reliable Choice!

Benefits of Cable: Summary: Cable - The Obvious Choice!

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